Turkish angora

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Turkish angora

A domestic cat of a slender breed developed in Turkey, which has long silky fur with no undercoat. It is often white but is bred in a wide range of colors and patterns.
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Turkish Angora

(Breeds) a long-haired breed of cat, similar to the Persian
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(æŋˈgɔr ə, -ˈgoʊr ə, æn-)

n., pl. -ras,
adj. n.
1. Also called Ango′ra cat′.
a. one of a breed of longhaired domestic cats with a long body and a wedge-shaped head, raised orig. in Turkey.
b. any longhaired domestic cat.
2. (often l.c.) Also called Ango′ra wool′. the hair of the Angora goat or of the Angora rabbit.
3. (often l.c.) yarn, fabric, or a garment made from this.
4. former name of Ankara.
5. Also called Ango′ra goat′. a variety of domestic goat having long, silky hair called mohair.
6. Also called Ango′ra rab′bit. one of a breed of European rabbits raised for its long, silky hair.
7. (usu. l.c.) made from a yarn or fabric of Angora goat or Angora rabbit hair: an angora hat.
[1825–35; earlier form of Ankara]
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From the brown and white Siamese Princess who acts pricey to the territorial the black and white Arabian Mau Snowy, the ridiculously gentle 'Teddy Bear' with clipped ears and the haughty Turkish Angora Arthur Dent, Button knows each one by their names.
Another mix breed cat, a two-year-old Persian and Turkish Angora was rescued by the group from the PDO, Mina al Fahal area.
Dubai: A brown labrador and a Turkish Angora cat found themselves in a desperate situation last week.
The day she finds a single shoe "alone, crouching behind the couch, alive / with Effie's opulent Turkish angora fur," she knows then that "solace was something I could neither seek nor / find.
In this study, although the Black Sea region was the rainiest region included, this regions data did not differ from those of others in terms of fiber diameter.Least squares means of fiber FD, H, B, T, and EL for two cat breeds in Turkey (Turkish Angora cats and Turkish Van cats) were reported earlier by Erat and Arikan (2012).
You can boast of national pride by having a Scottish Fold, a Japanese Bobtail, a Havana Brown, a British Shorthair, a German Rex, a Turkish Angora, an American Curl, or a Cat in the Hat if you want--although that last one might get you sent back to kindergarten.
For this aims, a total of 48 adult Turkish cats (20 females and 8 males Turkish Angora; 13 females and 7 males Turkish Van) were used.
There are Burmese, American Wirehair, Bengal, Bombay, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail, Javanese, Norwegian Forest, Russian Blue, Turkish Angora...
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