Turkish towel

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Turkish towel

A thick towel with a nap of uncut pile.

Turkish towel

(Textiles) a rough loose-piled towel; terry towel



a towel made of terry.
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Noun1.Turkish towel - a bath towel with rough loose pileTurkish towel - a bath towel with rough loose pile  
bath towel - a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
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The Japanese screen half-folded back showed a delicate toilet service of blue and white set forth on a marble slab, and near by was the great bath-pan, with Turkish towels and a sponge as big as Rose's head.
Deck Towel, a leading e-commerce supplier of upscale luxury linen deck and bath towels announces the launch of its new line of eco-friendly Turkish towel designs.
After the guest is laid comfortably on a Turkish towel, the skin is intensely scrubbed with beautifully fragrant lemon coffee blossom and olive stone scrub.
Yellow stripe Turkish towel, $46 and monogram $9; Monogram Magic, 1481 Canton Mart Rd.
When I went out to read the thermometer with a wet Turkish towel on my head, it was dry before I returned.
Such a rare report of obstruction of stomach of a snake with a turkish towel and its successful surgical removal is the subject of this paper.
But manners maven Letitia Baldrige isn't ready to throw in the monogrammed Turkish towel just yet.
THE room fills with steam, and a burly man wrapped in little more than a woven Turkish towel flexes his muscles before getting to grips with the body lying prone on a marble slab in front of him.
Although a brisk rubdown with a nubby Turkish towel after a steamy soak in a hot bath might be invigorating to a 25-year-old athlete after a workout, a 75-year-old resident's delicate, aging skin isn't up to the challenge of being dried so vigorously.
Louis only required a Turkish towel as exercise equipment, and although they "had never been taught to women heretofore.
Deck Towel has created a special Turkish towel, in the Anguilla colors of orange and blue, embroidered with AXA - Anguilla's acronym - and the words "Anguilla Strong.
Tenders invited for Turkish towel in assorted colours in equal quantity and 4 to 5 designs of each colour.

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