Turkish towel

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Turkish towel

A thick towel with a nap of uncut pile.

Turkish towel

(Textiles) a rough loose-piled towel; terry towel



a towel made of terry.
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Noun1.Turkish towel - a bath towel with rough loose pileTurkish towel - a bath towel with rough loose pile  
bath towel - a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
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The Japanese screen half-folded back showed a delicate toilet service of blue and white set forth on a marble slab, and near by was the great bath-pan, with Turkish towels and a sponge as big as Rose's head.
The Bathroom The shared bath area had three rooms: a changing room with a shelf of charcoal gray and white Turkish towels and heat-proof, break-proof black rubber water cups; a Scandinavian-style cedar sauna with a squat wooden bucket and ladle for pouring water onto the hot stones; and a bathroom with black and white octagonal tiles and a rain shower.
Collective Retreats, a start-up based in Denver, offers luxury tents with chandeliers, king beds and Turkish towels.
Saint Atma's hand-dyed products can be found in almost every corner of my apartment: Turkish towels in my bathroom and kitchen, sheets on my bed, and scarves in my closet.
She'd sat in bed with the blinds drawn, examining it over and over, trying to crack it like some kind of secret code, Nannon's absolute belief that babies arrive in this world, and when they do, they need booties and Turkish towels.

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