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Noun1.Turkomen - a republic in Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea and to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of IranTurkomen - a republic in Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea and to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of Iran; an Asian soviet from 1925 to 1991
CIS, Commonwealth of Independent States - an alliance made up of states that had been Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in Dec 1991
Ashkhabad, capital of Turkmenistan - the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan
Kara Kum, Qara Qum, Turkestan Desert - a desert in Turkmenistan to the south of the Aral Sea
Asia - the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's earliest civilizations
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The appointees once again thanked the head of state and promised to work for the benefit of the country and educate the youth pursuant to the values and traditions of the Turkmen people.
If the purpose was to trigger panic in the Turkmen society, this purpose has also not been achieved because the Turkmen people are not prone to panic on the base of a flimsy piece of rumor.
The guests who visited the exhibition familiarized themselves with various exhibits of Turkmenistan, indicating the routes of the Great Silk Road, a description of historical monuments on the UNESCO list, exhibits and literature on the Turkmen people's culture.
The same is also however true for the Turkmenistan, where the state is also implementing the principles of peace, harmony, tolerance and acceptance in the society by providing equal opportunities to the Turkmen people. Peaceful and determined nature of Turkmen people is reflective of the learning form their great ancestors, who have always advised them to remain united and firm in their stances and resolves.
KIRKUK // National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - Thousands of Arab and Turkmen people gathered in front of polling booths stores in the city of Kirkuk.
The Turkmen people originally are from central Asia who moved here 200 years ago, and because of their special cultural belief, they do not mix with other residential groups.
Nouralddeen Qablan said that ISIL killed 200 Turkmen people in Tal Afar on charges of fleeing the pro-claimed Caliphate's territories.
The Turkmen people have been oppressed ever since Daesh occupied Mosul and Tal Afar in 2014.
The Turkmen people have been oppressed ever since so-called Islamic State (IS) occupied Mosul and Tal Afar in 2014.
In 1991, it was assumed by the Turkmen people that the country would soon become the "Kuwait of Central Asia".
From the 1990s through to today, Asaad continues to liaise with Turkish ambassadors, officials and delegations to introduce them to his community and other Turkmen people in Lebanon.