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n.1.(Fr. Eccl. Hist.) One of the precursors of the Reformation; - a nickname corresponding to Lollard, etc.
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Des lors, le ridicule, le loufoque, le riquiqui, le pecque, le turlupin et le bizarre disputent la vedette a la grandeur, la gloire, la magnificence, le prestige et la rationalite.
An anonymous print featuring Turlupin and Gros Guillaume shows a bride, resigned and bewreathed, riding to her wedding on a donkey between two older women, both clearly men in women's clothes, perhaps a mother and a nourrice.
Turlupin (traduccion del aleman al ingles de John Brownjohn Harvill, 1996, 137 pp.
tradition of Tabarin and Turlupin or in the Italian tradition of the commedia
Neste contexto, surge em uma nota de rodape, a figura de Jeanne Dabenton, que dirige no seculo XII um grupo heretico apelidado de turlupins (palhaco grotesco) pelas estranhas roupas que usavam.