Turn right

Turn right   
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References in classic literature ?
When, just before entering the ballroom, the princess, her mother, tried to turn right side out of the ribbon of her sash, Kitty had drawn back a little.
Robinson; "but if you give 'em anything they'd turn right round and give it to the heathen.
If you drove them out they'd turn right around and come back.
You must turn right round and go back, and then you will come to the Stag."
An' they're heavy enough to turn right into the plowin', .too."
Avenue shall turn right to Romualdez Street, or turn left to San Marcelino Street to point of destination.
Vehicles traveling along P Burgos St shall turn right to Finance Road to Ayala Avenue to point of destination.
Soriano Avenue; turn right to General Luna Street to Burgos-Orosa Street, then turn left to T.M.
Turn right, then left into Lismore Close, continuing River Rea route.
HOW TO GET THERE From Coventry follow the B4098 Tamworth Road to Fillongley and turn right at the crossroads on to the B4102.