Turn screw

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The post High-flying Leicester bid to turn screw on slumping Newcastle appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
For so long you hear people talking in pubs or they talk here and there and they talk about the gradual, the turn screw 'I would be happy to pay more for this that and the other' and there is a certain point where you say no.
Niall McGinn - on for Maloney to turn screw but failed, 5.
Aussie cricket chief jumps to Ponting defence CA chairman says underfire skipper should be respected, but South Africa turn screw Cricket Australia chairman Jack Clarke has padded up and come out in defence of captain Ricky Ponting and chief selector Andrew Hilditch, despite their side facing the prospect of a whitewash at the hands South Africa.
A professor of urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of Home: A Short History of an Idea (1986), Rybczynski begins with a look at the cursory lexicographical attention routinely paid to the word screwdriver, proceeds in search of the origins of the tool earlier generations called turn screw, and then, perhaps more important, concentrates on the screw.
The post Ruthless Rogers and Smith turn screw on England appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
You need flasks or horns for your powder, lead balls, patches, extra flints, a vent pick, jags, a worm for wayward patches, a ball puller and a turn screw to change flints in the field.
The bag contained a pouch of round balls, patch material, lubricant such as beeswax for the patches, tallow or bear grease, a turn screw, extra flints in their own container, a flint striker and char cloth or some other kind of tinder for starting fires, and a priming horn.
Tenders are invited for Quotations In E-Mode Are Invited For Supply Of Quarter Turn Screw Assembly At Beml, Bangalore Complex
In this stage, you may need to turn screws a fair amount; but even so, make only 1/8 turn at a time.
They're looking at how ultrasonic waves can be spun at high speed to create a twisting force similar to that of a miniature tornado--and are trying to see if that can turn screws remotely.
The Special Hornet is cased in a Marvin Huey oak and leather case with traditional turn screws, brush and oil bottle, and a Damascus knife by Knickmeyer of the same steel and wood as the rifle.