Turner's syndrome

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Tur·ner syndrome

 (tûr′nər) also Tur·ner's syndrome (-nərz)
A congenital condition of girls and women caused by complete or partial absence or deficiency of one X chromosome, characterized by short stature, a webbed neck, low-set ears, skeletal abnormalities, and infertility owing to ovarian failure.

[After Henry Hubert Turner (1892-1970), American endocrinologist.]

Tur′ner's syn`drome

an abnormal congenital condition resulting from a defect on or absence of the second sex chromosome, characterized by retarded growth of the gonads.
[after Henry Hubert Turner (1892–1970), U.S. endocrinologist, who described it in 1938]
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Noun1.Turner's syndrome - a chromosomal disorder in females who have only one X chromosome; marked by dwarfism and heart abnormalities and underdeveloped sex organs
sex-linked disorder - any disease or abnormality that is determined by the sex hormones; "hemophilia is determined by a gene defect on an X chromosome"

Turner's syndrome

n. síndrome de Turner, trastorno endocrino congénito que se manifiesta con deficiencia ovárica, amenorrea, estatura baja y la presencia de cromosomas X solamente.
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The other form of gonadal dysgenesis occurs in which an entire chromosome is missing; the most common is Turner's syndrome.
Furthermore, she is passionate towards charities including Turner's Syndrome, Creative Living Bible Study, Divorce Care, and the Girl Scouts.
In children, HGH injections are approved for treating "short stature of unknown cause" as well as poor growth due to a number of medical causes, including Turner's syndrome and kidney insufficiency.
LONDON--Hypertensive complications are seen in more than one-third of pregnant women with Turner's syndrome undergoing fertility treatment, according to the results of a longitudinal retrospective study performed in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden.
Memorial contributions may be made to Turner's Syndrome Society, 11250 West Rd.
Following tests at Glan Clwyd and Liverpool Women's Hospital, the couple also found their unborn child had Turner's Syndrome - a condition that only affects females, meaning they were expecting a girl.
The Foundation focuses on intrauterine growth retardation, Russell-Silver syndrome, Turner's syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Noonan's syndrome, chondroplasias, and more.
Autoimmune diseases in women with Turner's syndrome.
Nicola said Allison, of Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street, suffered from a rare condition called Turner's Syndrome which is why she was short in stature and why she walked slowly.
She was also suffering from a rare genetic condition called Mosaic Turner's Syndrome.
When she gave birth, the child was found to have Turner's syndrome.