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The king looked at him, and as the youth pleased him, he said: 'You may ask for three things to take into the castle with you, but they must be things without life.' Then he answered: 'Then I ask for a fire, a turning lathe, and a cutting-board with the knife.'
Veal had an orrery, an electrifying machine, a turning lathe, a theatre (in the wash-house), a chemical apparatus, and what he called a select library of all the works of the best authors of ancient and modern times and languages.
"Build a house round her," they cried, and at once everybody perceived that this was the thing to do; in a moment a hundred fairy sawyers were among the branches, architects were running round Maimie, measuring her; a bricklayer's yard sprang up at her feet, seventy-five masons rushed up with the foundation stone and the Queen laid it, overseers were appointed to keep the boys off, scaffoldings were run up, the whole place rang with hammers and chisels and turning lathes, and by this time the roof was on and the glaziers were putting in the windows.
The company will install two new Bostram machines: a five-axis milling machine and a vertical turning lathe to enable three-dimensional machining of increasingly complicated, ultra-large cast and forged shapes for industries such as civil nuclear power and defence.
Tim Peters |making traditional cider and (inset) Mike Bithell using a homemade wood turning lathe
Finally, you'll need thread and turning lathe tooling and a 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8" 60 degree dovetail end mill or a 60 degree 1/4" triangle file and some careful measuring and filling along with your standard chamber reaming tooling.
Inside the new Dorries Contumat vertical turning lathe at Nuclear AMRC
The back man lifted the block, while the front man guided the turning lathe and made a cut that would become the outer surface of the largest bowl.
When I got the shells they had to be put in this turning lathe .
Firstly, the preparation should be clamped to the turning lathe. It is fastened to the turning lathe chuck and buttresses with the tip established in tailstock sleeve.
The acceleration sensor was bolted to the CNC turning lathe carriage and 5 sets of data acquisition experiments were conducted.
A support-level machine shop with a brake turning lathe, NSN 4910-01-252-2959 or NSN 4910-00-516-6192, or a commercial company can help you with this.