n.1.A certain tool used by coopers.
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Mark Turrel said that Startup Grind was working to promote entrepreneurship in 300 cities of the world with the motto of changing the world towards better future.
La venta que hizo la galeria mexicana OMR de una pieza del estadunidense James Turrel por 900 mil dolares --13 millones 105 mil 305 pesos--, en la edicion 2014 de la Feria Art Basel Miami Beach que se realizo del 4 al 7 de diciembre pasados, confirma la urgencia de varias medidas a tomar por Rafael Tovar, presidente del Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Conaculta).
14) Penso no Homem que caminha, de Giacometti (Bonnefoy, 2012), e em James Turrel (Didi-Huberman, 2001) como possibilidade de desdobrar o andar como afecto pictorico.
In the six awards to date, the likes of Beccy Owen, Sakoba Dance, Katie Doherty, Lesley Roley, The Futureheads, The Unthanks, BalletLorent, Bad Taste Cru, Sharks Took The Rest, Kate Fox, The Cornshed Sisters, and Smoove and Turrel have all admirably taken on entertaining duties - with many of them doubling up as finalists and winners on the night too.
As Sebastien Turrel, a Senior Trade Promotion Officer in ITC's Office for Africa, says: 'We have to make sure we leave a strong legacy so that activities will continue beyond the lifespan of the programme.
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In Reflections on Tibetan Culture: Essays in Memory of Turrel V.
The panel of judges comprising of designer Ahmed Al Reyaysa, Bansri Gagwani from Swarovski Middle East, Claire Turrel from ITP, Madiha Zaki from Sayidati magazine, Sophie Triantafillou from Emirates Woman magazine and designer Veronica di Santo, evaluated the dresses in terms of design, technique and the innovative use of the CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements.
20:30 Passageways | Jaimes Turrel (corto) La Jetee | Chris Marker
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