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a.1.Furnished with, or formed like, a small turret or turrets; somewhat turreted.
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Shell: Small, elevated-trochiform to turriculate (L/D=1.26-1.50); apical angle 55-60[degrees]; teleoconch of 6-7 whorls; whorls flat-sided and peripherally angled, peripheral angle marked by a strong keel, base flattened; sutures channelled and inserted below peripheral angulation, spire thus rendered pagodaform; insertion of suture level with subperipheral spiral cord.
Remarks: Distinctive amongst local species on account of its small size and turriculate profile.
Shell: Elevated-trochiform to turriculate (L/D=1.10-1.65); apical angle 42-63[degrees]; teleoconch of up to 8 whorls; whorls flat-sided and periphery angular, marked by strong, stellate, keel-like spiral cord, below which is a distinct supra-sutural sulcus.