Turtle shell

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tortoise shell. See under Tortoise.

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With little 'show you love a turtle' captions there are reminders about why you shouldn't buy anything made from turtle shell or leave litter on the beach.
Thanks to him, there is now an international agreement banning trade on Hawksbill turtle shell.
The colors and patterns of a turtle shell make up subtle nuances in the design, while from a broader aerial view, Velaa's exclusive over- water villas resemble the head of a turtle with the island forming the body.
Police arrested both men and later searched the car owner's home, finding a turtle shell.
Some significant objects including turtle shell and a series of grinding tools were also found buried with the man, he said.
Jameson bombarded Nesbitt's turtle shell defence with hooks and got through with some meaty blows, including a pair of hard right hands in the third round.
You might think buying that turtle shell to hang on your wall or trinkets made of shells and coral is helping the local economy, but in reality, you are doing the environment long-term harm.
We also assessed each turtle shell for the presence of flesh, skin, skeletal remains, and scutes, and whether the shell was bleached, decayed, or otherwise damaged from prolonged multiple-year submersion in pools or from the movement of alluvium.
The Minister from the Seychelles cited Hawkbill Turtle shell and the Coco-de-Mer, the endemic double nut of the Seychelles as articles that warranted inclusion on the list.
The monster frog, Beelzebufo ampinga, lived during the Cretaceous Period in what is now Africa, and sported spiky flanges protruding from the back of its skull and platelike armour down its back, almost like a turtle shell, CBS News reported.
I, in turn, recently had an issue with an old turtle shell she has been storing in a tub on the balcony--a tub that has since collected rainwater, which has turned into algae--for the past four months until she gets around to cleaning it.
The turtle shell is a complex structure whose initial transformations started over 260 million years ago in the Permian period," says Tyler Lyson of Yale University and the Smithsonian.