n.1.The turtle cowrie.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His most prized possession was the handle of a china cup, which he suspended from a ring of turtle-shell, which, in turn, was passed through the partition-cartilage of his nose.
They wore nose-rings of clam-shell and turtle-shell, and from the ends of their noses which were also pierced, projected horns of beads strung on stiff wire.
That was why he made, in odd moments of off-duty, turtle-shell combs and hair ornaments for profit, and was prettily crooked in such a matter as stealing another man's dog.
There's also a ban on the catching There's also a ban on the catching of turtles and the sale or export of turtle-shell products, although strangely no ban on the lifting of turtle eggs, which some locals eat.
This led Amiot and his colleagues to look at oxygen isotopes locked away inside the enamel of the spinosaur's teeth and compare them to the oxygen isotopes found in the teeth of crocodiles and other dinosaurs, and turtle-shell fragments from the same period.
Abstract: Turtle-shell masks are distinctive Tortes Strait Islander objects that were used during ritual performances, and carefully curated, during ethnographic times.
Turtle-shell masks nevertheless promise to shed considerable light on the historical emergence of ethnographically known Torres Strait Islander cultural practices.
Turtle-shell masks: their nature and function in Torres Strait Islander culture
The endemic turtle-shell masks and associated cosmologies and cultural practices are examples of the distinctiveness of Torres Strait Islander culture.
Most turtle-shell masks were made from panels of Hawksbill turtle-shell (Eretmochelys imbricata) tied together with cord.
Accuracy off the tee will still be paramount even though Pinehurst is not a typical US Open course, while a good short game is a must given turtle-shell greens at every hole.
Set on the fictional planet called Avalice, Sash Lilac and Carol Tea rescue a turtle-shelled duck-billed creature from the mountains as he crash-lands from parts unknown.