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Noun1.Tussilago - genus of low creeping yellow-flowered perennial herbs of north temperate regions: coltsfootsTussilago - genus of low creeping yellow-flowered perennial herbs of north temperate regions: coltsfoots; in some classifications includes species often placed in other genera especially Homogyne and Petasites
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae - plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia
Tussilago farfara, coltsfoot - perennial herb with large rounded leaves resembling a colt's foot and yellow flowers appearing before the leaves do; native to Europe but now nearly cosmopolitan; used medicinally especially formerly
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Wider studies enabled identification of species such as Achillea millefolium, Artriplex nitens, Chenopodium album, Cirsium arvense, Daucus carota, Matricaria inodora, Picris hieracioides, Sonchus arvensis, Sonchus Asper, Tussilago farfara and Verbascum Thapsus (Ciesielczuk et al.
INCI: Tussilago farfara flower extract (and) achillea millefolium extract (and) cinchona succirubra bark extract (and) water (and) butylene glycol
Los alcaloides pirrolizidinicos se presentan sobre todo en especies de Adenostyles, Emilia, Echinacea, Eupatorium, Farfugium, Petasites, Senecio, Tussilago, etc.
Djordjevic-Miloradovic (1997) working on the reproductive effort of Tussilago farfara growing on coal ash and found greater reproductive effort of T.
Three more herbs that increase ciliary transport of mucus are Tussilago farfara (coltsfoot), Fructus foeniculi (fennel), and Fructus anisi (anise) (3) Coltsfoot is a common respiratory herb.
In 1992 the Commonwealth Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Standing Committee (now National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee) scheduled a number of herbs containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids, restricting the use of such herbs as Borago off, Pulmonaria spp, Senecio spp, Tussilago farfara and Symphytum off (which, based on lack of scientific evidence, was later rescheduled to allow its use topically).
Puccinia hordei Poaceae (indeterminada) Puccinia kuehnii Saccharum cultivar CP80-1743 Puccinia malvacearum Alcea (Estado telial) Puccinia melanocephala Saccharum cultivar CP05-1592 Puccinia menthae Cunila origanoides Puccinia physalidis Physalis lancelata Puccinia poarum Tussilago (Asteraceae) Puccinia podophylli Podophyllum peltatum Puccinia smilacis Smilax rotundifolia Puccinia violae Viola cucullata Pucciniastrum circaeae Pucciniosira pallidula Triumfetta semitriloba Ravenelia echinata Calliandra formosa var.
Examples include Prunus serrotina, Tilea europa and Tussilago farfara.
Tussilago farfara y Viola reichenbachiana + en 3; Valeriana pyrenaica, Aconitum vulparia subsp.