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A semiautonomous republic of eastern Russia in southern Siberia. The region is sparsely populated, largely by the Turkic-speaking Tuvan people.

Tu′van adj. & n.
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Residents of the east and west Taiga arrived at the festival with more than 1200 reindeer and Tuva people from Ulan-ude city of Russia and Inner Mongolia of China took part in the festival.
He is staying with a friend in Tuva's capital Kyzyl while treatment is still needed.
Moscow media reported it showed a victim with a broken spine and severe body injuries after being attacked by a bear and kept in the predator's lair the Tuva region of Russia, said a report from EADaily news agency.
Tuva's deafness makes her a more intriguing character, and it's dealt with sensitively.
Batting first, Awali made 117 all out with Vaibhav contributing 23 while Tuva claimed two wickets for 24 runs for Super Kings.
Putin rides a horse in southern Siberia's Tuva region, 2009.
KHOVU-AKSY, Russia, Safar 23, 1434, Jan 5, 2013, SPA -- More than 1,500 people have been employed to repair a heat supply station breakdown in Russia's Tuva region, UPI quoted officials as saying Saturday.
Schools are closed in some regions such as Republics of Tuva and Khakassia, Choline, Povoljye, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Priangaryae and South Ural regions.
The earthquake hit about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Kyzyl, the capital of the Russian republic of Tuva, which borders Mongolia.
THE latest Scandinavian crime drama, this Danish thriller stars the impressive Tuva Novotny as a woman who wakes up in a French river with no memory, a bag containing EUR2million and a scar across her chest.
22 December 2011 - People's Bank of the Republic of Tuva has decided to sell new shares to raise about RUB115.25m (USD3.7m/EUR2.8m), the lender's documents seen by news agency Prime on Wednesday showed.
However, before our studies epidemiology of epilepsy in big territory of the middle Siberia (the Krasnoyarsk region and the Tuva Republic) was not studied.