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Noun1.John Tuzo Wilson - Canadian geophysicist who was a pioneer in the study of plate tectonics (1908-1993)
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Prominent geophysicists like John Tuzo Wilson and Robert Dietz were advancing groundbreaking theories on plate tectonics and impact craters.
One specimen of Cherublemma emmelas was found at 1097 m in Kyuquot Canyon, west of Vancouver Island; 4 specimens of Bassozetus zenkevitchi were collected from depths of 1909 to 2125 m west of Vancouver and Graham islands; and a specimen of Cataetyx rubrirostris from 2000 m and a Porogadus prometas from 1967 m were taken in Queen Charlotte Sound, east of the Tuzo Wilson Seamounts.
On the advice of geophysicist Tuzo Wilson, Norman Wells on the Mackenzie River was selected as the field site.
Fourth, the breakup of oceanic microplates and the evolution of plate boundaries are beautifully exemplified by the Dellwood Knolls and Tuzo Wilson Volcanic Field (Chase 1977; Riddihough et al.
Named after the geologist J Tuzo Wilson, the cycle explains how the continents split to form a new ocean and eventually close with the generation of an orogenic belt.
However, the role of Tuzo Wilson and others in establishing plate tectonics receives fuller treatment.
Presentations brighten and enrich a child's learning and could be the start of a future Phil Currie, Tuzo Wilson or even Isaac Newton.