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n.1.A form of hydrometer for liquids heavier than water, graduated with an arbitrary scale such that the readings when multiplied by .005 and added to unity give the specific gravity.
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TAKE NOTICE that I Samuel Mercer of 42 Twaddell Avenue, Belfast as Secretary of Pony Trotting Supporters Sports & Social Club having its premises at 92 Malvern Street, Belfast, BT13 1JB intend to apply to the Magistrates' Court sitting at Laganside Courts, 45 Oxford Street, Belfast on Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 10.
On their walk they passed hundreds of supporters, dozens of protesters and a holding camp at Twaddell Avenue which has acted as the flame they have kept alive since they were turned away from walking the route in July 2013.
I admire Miller's writing, but I prefer her earlier book The Senator's Wife" MANDY TWADDELL
He was out of prison on licence when Mrs Telford was discovered by a shopkeeper strangled to death with a ligature at her home in Twaddell Avenue, North Belfast, on February 4, 1988.
My heart went out to the families who continue to suffer," Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Twaddell was quoted as saying in the statement.
Twaddell: The Twaddell hydrometer, developed in England between 1812 and 1839, consisted of a series of spindles with graduations from 0 to 174.
5) Other regional traditions are also worthy of note, such as the contributions of several generations of textbook writers at the University of Texas at Austin, starting with Helmut Rehder and William Freeman Twaddell in the 1940s, as they were attempting to keep German instruction alive in new textbooks issued as late as the 1970s.
Within the American Structuralist tradition the more 'rigorous' Bloomfieldians made no commitments to the psychologically real (as opposed to analytically useful) nature of phonemes, and Twaddell is famous for arguing that any attempt to speculate about the contents of the mind was akin to kindling 'a fire in a wooden stove' (Twaddell, 1935: 9) but Kenneth Pike, from a competing group of structuralists (and one of Sapir's students) argued against the classic Trager-Smith phonemicization of American English in part because he found it very difficult to get linguistics students to understand the vowel system Bloch/Trager/Smith proposed (Pike, 1947).
Nowhere [-in the FDA regulation] does it say you need to have an opt-out mechanism," Twaddell says.
Sapir and Bloomfield are still mentioned, though in bleak and uninspiring terms, but there is nothing on the American classics of the 1930s such as Swadesh, Chao, or Twaddell, to mention just three.
It includes working with the Twaddell Residents Association and Greater Shankill Community Council to the Forum For Action on Substance Abuse.