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n.1.A form of hydrometer for liquids heavier than water, graduated with an arbitrary scale such that the readings when multiplied by .005 and added to unity give the specific gravity.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is believed Feile and the Twaddell Woodvale Residents Association are among groups earmarked for funding.
Former pupil Stuart Twaddell was one of the former pupils who returned to Dollar Academy for this year's walk.
William Twaddell, M.D., participated in acquisition of data and procurement of liver.
On their walk they passed hundreds of supporters, dozens of protesters and a holding camp at Twaddell Avenue which has acted as the flame they have kept alive since they were turned away from walking the route in July 2013.
However, a study outcome with shorter duration (e.g., using surrogate markers) may raise concerns regarding the validity of the study and the translation of the results from the trial to clinical value (Twaddell 2009).
I admire Miller's writing, but I prefer her earlier book The Senator's Wife" MANDY TWADDELL
In PDE can signifies "inherent or permanent ability or possibility" (Twaddell 1963: 13).
Twaddell, for his expertise and review of the pathology slides.
He was out of prison on licence when Mrs Telford was discovered by a shopkeeper strangled to death with a ligature at her home in Twaddell Avenue, North Belfast, on February 4, 1988.
My heart went out to the families who continue to suffer," Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Twaddell was quoted as saying in the statement.
Twitter is the equivalent of a changing virtual bulletin board in which each user chooses what stream to follow reaching individuals in the same room or anywhere in the world (Lane & Twaddell, 2010; Terry, 2009).