Twelve Step

Twelve′ Step′

or 12-step,

of or based on a program for recovery from addiction originating with Alcoholics Anonymous and providing 12 progressive levels toward attainment.
12′-step`per, n.
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From the cistern we descended twelve steps into a large roughly-shaped grotto, carved wholly out of the living rock.
I beckoned to him again to come to me, and gave him all the signs of encouragement that I could think of; and he came nearer and nearer, kneeling down every ten or twelve steps, in token of acknowledgment for saving his life.
I do not understand these report card-type remarks, as though Hall's talent was not yet manifested in the world, not quite "living up to potential." Allow me to be unstinting: Here is a first novel that is beautifully mature, crafted with tremendous skill, and enlivened almost sentence for sentence with perception so finely honed it startles us back into a world we thought we already knew - London, Hollywood, Malibu, Twelve Step Programs, even the banal act of chewing gum.
Information about these Twelve Step programs and meeting times and locations are available through the local AA Hotline (the number can be found in the telephone directory).
Perkinson presents readers with the third edition of his comprehensive workbook for adults combating substance abuse in twelve step programs and various other contemporary treatment settings.
This full-length motion picture was produced by Cindy Joy Goggins and Sylvia Caminer, and stars Annika Marks (as Gracie) "The Fosters" and Sharon Lawrence (as Sonia) "NYPD Blue" / "Rizzoli & Isles." In the award-winning film, newcomer Gracie is guided through her struggle with alcoholism by her loving sponsor Sonia, and is encouraged by a caring twelve step AA community who loved her until she could love herself enough to create a sober life worth living.
Recently the Cochrane Database conducted a systematic review of randomized controlled trials evaluating the effectiveness of AA and other Twelve-Step programs (labeled Twelve Step Facilitation or TSF).
A Twelve Step program, Spiritual Confusion Anonymous, fashioned after the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, is laid out in the book as a possible solution to today's religious quandary.
Before and After: Giddy, Queen of the May,/tipsy with unfocused possibility,/now I'm in a Twelve Step program./Sober, I walk the line gravity draws./But no, you're no cold rainfall,/more a steady sun, a solid plot/that grows when tended, invites me/to tend, then tends me tenderly./So that's how it is.
"The twelve step programs encourage this nonsense [the belief that addiction is uncontrollable] with their obtuseness about psychoanalytic thought," she writes.
I told a friend one of my favorite Twelve Step stories.