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v. t.1.To twit.
p. p.1.p. p. of Twitch.
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But it would be more than thirty years before Coase (1959) would clearly explain the logic of creating property rights in spectrum--and a lot longer before he would be taken seriously--and there were powerful political forces at work on the ground (Twight 1998).
While previous research has measured both a period and aging effect (Jones & Dunlap, 1992; Klineberg, McKeever, & Rothenbach, 1998; Mohai & Twight, 1987), other research has shown that young peoples' environmental concern has stagnated since the 1990s (Wray-Lake, Flanagan, & Osgood, 2010), and millennials may exhibit more narcissistic tendencies than previous generations (Bourke, 2010; Twenge, 2006); perhaps these other trends confound the relationship between age and VBN metrics.
Charlotte Twight, who studies the politics of base closures, notes that "closure announcements handled administratively in ways anathema to Congress historically have given rise to cycles of restrictive legislation curtailing DOD's flexibility to implement major military base closures or realignments." (3) Congress often successfully took steps to prevent the military from closing bases.
"Clients who have paper statements check them at least once," says Dana Twight, certified financial planner and owner of Twight Financial in Seattle.
Cogan tells the story well, but could have incorporated the masterful analysis by Boise State University economist Charlotte Twight. (See "Medicare's Origins: The Economics and Politics of Dependency," Cato Journal, Winter 1997.) Medicare spending, which in 2016 was $595 billion, is now second only to Social Security (at $916 billion) as the government's largest expenditure program.
Her trainer, Mark Twight, the same guy who trained 'Superman' star Henry Cavill, told Muscle and Fitness that Gadot couldn't do a single pull-up when she started with the training program.
"Relational ability is the key to higher-order cognition," said Gentner, Alice Gabrielle Twight Professor in Northwestern's Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.
There is an old mountaineering truism popularized by Mark Twight: "Light is right." This statement parallels another wellknown infantry saying that Smith is fond of: "Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain."
Kiss or Kill by Mark Twight (2001) This taught me it is okay to approach expeditions in a way other than the British model of bumbling amateurism.
--Charlotte Twight, "Congress Moves Toward Fascism"