two cents

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two′ cents′

1. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) something of little value; a paltry amount.
2. two cents worth, an opinion, usu. unsolicited and unwelcome.
References in classic literature ?
I am very well satisfied to think the whole population believed in those poor, cheap miracles--a people who want two cents every time they bow to you, and who abuse a woman, are capable of it, I think.
The stranger said, "Well, give me the seven francs again, and I will see what I can do"--and when he got them, he handed the hackman half a franc, and he immediately asked for two cents to buy a drink with.
For two cents I would have done these things, too; but nobody offered me two cents.
latest irruption -- only two cents -- all about the big miracle in the Valley of Holiness
Charlie Sloane's slate pencil, gorgeously bedizened with striped red and yellow paper, costing two cents where ordinary pencils cost only one, which he sent up to her after dinner hour, met with a more favorable reception.
After long hesitation and uncertainty they paid twenty-five cents for a big package of insect powder--a patent preparation which chanced to be ninety-five per cent gypsum, a harmless earth which had cost about two cents to prepare.
For two cents I'd chuck the whole thing up an' go over to the employers.
It is worth sixteen dollars, that's true; and at two cents the cigar, that's nine hundred and sixty cigars.
Says I, for two cents I'd leave the blamed country and never come a-near it agin.
Two cents will be generated from each sale, and each sale will then be matched with two cents donated by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England, two cents by Sodexo and two cents by SNHU.
The national average for a gallon of regular rose two cents, to $2.
recently announced its financial results for the second quarter and six months ended September 30, reporting a quarterly net loss of $576,708, or two cents per share, on total revenue of $884,000, compared to a net loss of $380,251, or two cents per share, on total revenue of $1.