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a.1.Employing two hands; as, the two-hand alphabet. See Dactylology.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And Colette's frequenters, thrillingly conscious of wrong-doing and 'that two-handed engine (the policeman) at the door,' were perhaps inclined to somewhat feverish excess.
Draw and fire one round with two hands using the preferred two-hand stance, then immediately transition to the primary hand only and fire one round before transitioning to the support hand for one round.
GOAL Transition smoothly and surely, and at first you may find it difficult to achieve a two-hand shooting position with the support hand as primary.
Streamlining with legal breaststroke start: Use three kicks to one pull and breathe (25-50 yards), two-hand touch and legal turns.
Streamlining with legal breaststroke start: Two kicks to one pull and breathe (25-50 yards) two-hand touch and legal turn.
Most likely you have the gun in a two-hand grip in some fashion of a ready position, and you will then engage your threat with your trained two-hand firing technique.
The real message here is to practice your self-defense shooting with both two-hand techniques and strong-hand only as well.
of Syosset, N.Y., compared two-handed and one-handed CAD working styles in a recent study: The two-handed working style--using a mouse in one hand and a three dimensional motion controller in the other--showed considerable ergonomic advantages over the one-handed style of using a mouse and modifier keys, according to the study.
Personality assessment of the children was based on reference groups of normal two-handed peers in test manuals and test handbookds.
Training should, therefore, include both one-and two-handed shooting.
If you happen to be a two-handed, follow-through hitter who can't seem to change, you should at least practice releasing that top hand when hitting off the batting tee.
It was Weaver who first tested the concept of two-handed, eye level shooting in almost all circumstances.