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a.1.Having two ports; specif.: Designating a type of two-cycle internal-combustion engine in which the admission of the mixture to the crank case is through a suction valve.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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30 patients were randomised each into the four-port and two-port. Out of three patients, two in the four-port group and one in the two-port group were lost to follow-up.
This behaviour of the two-port equivalent diagram can be symbolized as [1.sup.*] [right arrow] 2, respectively 2 [not right arrow] [1.sup.*], where the asterisk shows that the circuit is supplied from port 11' to port 22' [3].
Treated as a two-port network, this impedance is described by the impedance matrix
KEY WORDS: Limited Two-Port Thoracoscopy Spontaneous pneumothorax Video assisted thoracic surgery.
When the low frequency regime is considered, and plane wave propagation is assumed, this approach leads to the two-port method.
The optional software will expand the measurement capabilities to include key VNA field measurements, including full-reversing two-port S-parameters and time domain with gating.
Instead of the aperture-coupled patch elements, two-port aperture-coupled stacked-patch (ASP) antennas have been designed as the array elements and the conventional ASP antenna [21] is applied as the radiating matched load.
Unlike the description of the properties of common two-port as used in circuit theory, in the case of power line description the output current [I.sub.2] is of opposite direction.
The M29312 two-port DS3/E3 line card-on-a-chip (LoC) from Mindspeed Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:MSPD), a supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, has been selected by ZTE Corporation, a telecomms equipment and network solutions provider.
The new version 2.43's data extraction facility controls a standard single-ended transmission-reflection analyzer or two-port S-parameter vector network analyzer to generate multi-port data.
EZ-Host (CY7C67300) is a multiport controller featuring two individually configurable two-port serial interface engines (SIEs) and a configurable I/O block that can connect to numerous standard interfaces.
These flange-type two-port ball valves are designed to provide a simple way to install a two-port ball valve in a circuit that uses any SAE four-bolt flange-mounting pattern.