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Noun1.Tylenchus - type genus of the family TylenchidaeTylenchus - type genus of the family Tylenchidae
worm genus - a genus of worms
family Tylenchidae, Tylenchidae - a family of Nematoda
Tylenchus tritici, wheat eel, wheat eelworm, wheatworm - small roundworm parasitic on wheat
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The nematological analysis nematodes associated with viticulture revealed the present of sixteen kinds of nematode divided according to their diets 4 trophic groups whose phytophagous are the most abundant (Paratylenchus sp., Pratylenchus spp., Tylenchus sp., Tylenchorhynchus sp., Helichotylenchus sp., Scutellonema spp., and Xiphinema sp.), followed by fungivorous (Aphelenchus sp., Aphelenchoides spp., Ditylenchus spp.
(2008) identified Aphelenchoides sp., Aphelenchus sp., Helicotylenchus sp., Mesocriconema sp., Tylenchus sp., Rotylenchus sp.
agricola, Seineura fuchas, Eucephalobus steiner, Dorylaimus dujardin), followed by 12 species in Dergai (Tylenchus angustus, Tylenchorhynchus martini, Histotylenchus siddiqi, Pratylenchus irrigularis, Acontylus meager, Meloidogyne incognita, M.
Plant parasitic nematodes associated with declining trees included Criconemella sphaerocephala, Helicotylenchus dihystera, Hemicriconemoides mangiferae, Hoplolaimus indicus, Meloidogyne spp., Pratylenchus brachyurus, Rotylenchulus reniformis, Trichodorus spp., Tylenchorhynchus claytoni, Tylenchus filiformis and Xiphinema spp.
Con menor frecuencia se encontraron Dorylaimus spp., Tylenchus spp., Aphelenchus spp., y Pratylenchus spp., con una frecuencia de 27, 23, 14 y 5%, respectivamente (datos no mostrados).
Seinura, Tobrilus, Dorvlaimellus detected in one treatment at <2000 ind./[m.sup.2] so are not included in table Soil type: FG CP Andosol Stocking rate (St): 2.3 3 3.8 Tylenchus P 2 30.8a 111.6b 101.8b Cephalenchus P 2 0 0 0 Heterodera juv.