Tyler Walter


, Walter Known as "Wat." Died 1381.
English revolutionary who led the Peasants' Revolt against Richard II's poll tax in June 1381. The uprising ended when he was killed.
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Kayla Lin Murphy and Andrew Tyler Walters were united in marriage at eight o'clock in the evening on March 12, 2010, at First Baptist Church of Richland.
Paula DeStefano and Tyler Walters note the history of preservation efforts in archives and in libraries and demonstrate that the expertise and resources of archives and preservation departments can be shared in managing the preservation of archival materials.
In working with the National Opera Company artistic director Will Graham on the scenario, as well as choreographers Amy Seiwert, Tyler Walters, Timour Bourtasenkov and the dancers, I hope that in some small way we have added visually to Handel's great oratorio."
Winners of the 1999 ChooSan Goh Awards for Choreography, announced in December, include: Toronto Dance Theatre (choreographer Christopher House); Carolina Ballet (Tyler Walters); Rambert Dance Company (Didy Veldman); State Theater Ballet (Sue Kirkland); Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (Alan Hinelan); San Francisco Ballet (David Palmer), and Canada's Ballet Jorgen (Kathleen Rea).
Also on the program were former Joffrey Ballet dancer Tyler Walters' Enclosure, a pretentious but well-danced example of angst on pointe, and Melissa St.
The Joffrey's current contingent of thirty dancers includes a number who are remembered for their excellence--Beatriz Rodriguez, Deborah Dawn, Julie Janus, Kim Sagami, Tyler Walters, Adam Sklute, Pierre Lockett, David Paul Kierce, and Calvin Kitten.
The roster includes Deborah Dawn, Beatriz Rodriguez, Pierre Lockett, Kim Sagami, Julie Janus, Tyler Walters, Cynthia Giannini, Calvin Kitten, Gregory Russell, Adam Sklute, Nicole Marie Duffy, Tomi Paasonen and Meridith Benson.