n.1.(Mus.) A kettledrum; - chiefly used in the plural to denote the kettledrums of an orchestra. See Kettledrum.
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Virginis et Quorumvis / Sanctorum, Decantanda / a / Canto, Alto, Tenore, Basso, Violin I & II, Clarino I & II, / Tympano ac Organo / Auctoribus / P.
Tympano, choro & organo: liber festivus in honorem Jan Boogaarts.
As usual, I came away from the album unable to tell remember one piece from another, except in the case of the opening work, the Concerto grosso a 10 strumenti, per violino principlae, 2 corni da caccia, tympano, 2 oboi, 2 violini, alto viola con basso, RV 562a.
furibunda simul anhelans vaga vadit animam agens comitata tympano Attis per opaca nemora dux .
There are no moments of repose while a gong sounds or a tympano decays.
4%) patients had historyof otologic procedure in the affected ear that ranged from tympanostomy tube placement to tympano mastoidectomy.