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also Tin·dal or Tin·dale  (tĭn′dl), William 1494?-1536.
English religious reformer and martyr whose translation of the New Testament was the basis of the King James Bible.


(ˈtɪndəl) ,




(Biography) William. ?1492–1536, English Protestant and humanist, who translated the New Testament (1525), the Pentateuch (1530), and the Book of Jonah (1531) into English. He was burnt at the stake as a heretic


or Tindale or Tindal

(ˈtɪn dl)

n. William,
c1492–1536, English religious reformer, translator of the Bible, and martyr.
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Noun1.Tyndale - English translator and Protestant martyrTyndale - English translator and Protestant martyr; his translation of the Bible into English (which later formed the basis for the King James Version) aroused ecclesiastical opposition; he left England in 1524 and was burned at the stake in Antwerp as a heretic (1494-1536)
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First William Tyndale, amid difficulties and trials, translated afresh the New and part of the Old Testament, and died the death of a martyr in 1536.
And although Coverdale was not so great a scholar as Tyndale, his language was fine and stately, with a musical ring about the words, and to this day we still keep his version of the Psalms in the Prayer Book.
There was that nice Major Tyndale who was back from the Front the other day with a V.
I AM writing regarding the George Tyndale article about Daniel Hackett, and 'why we should not help pay for homeless banker's funeral.
We made a link with Tyndale St Georges Community Centre," recalls Ruth Darling, chair of the church's CASE (Communications and Special Events) Committee "and that turned out to be the single mission that changed everything.
The result was the formation of a group named Tyndale Advisors.
Translating Resurrection: The Debate Between William Tyndale and George Joye in Its Historical and Theological Context
Tyndale House, a major Christian publisher, has announced its decision to stop selling the book after one of the writers, Alex Malarkey, admitted that the content of the sensational book is all just a lie.
An Anglican priest and one of the founders of the Tyndale Society in 1995, Werrell follows his first book The Theology of William Tyndale (2006, James Clarke & Co.
REMEMBER WILLIAM WATCHING BBC TV's series on the Tudors sent me scurrying to my notes on William Tyndale.
It isn't necessary, and it doesn't benefit anybody," said Cone, the president of Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute.
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