Tyne River

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Noun1.Tyne River - a river in northern England that flows east to the North SeaTyne River - a river in northern England that flows east to the North Sea
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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North Tyneside Council is to begin work on improving seven junctions along the bank of the Tyne river
Now, a couple of seasons on, Fenton will once again occupy a technical area at the national stadium, representing a Shields side just across the mighty Tyne river.
Tees were also competing in the Sunday League Explore Rowing series on the Tyne River at Tyne Rowing Club.
Hassan Al Bash, 21, has not been seen since New Year's Eve when his jacket was discovered on a bridge above the Tyne River in Newcastle.
In 1958, he received a commendation for bravery after rescuing a crew member who had jumped from HMS Armada into the Tyne River at Newcastle.
We try to accommodate their needs, and are planning meetings with the Tyne owners and Tyne River Trust to provide them with more information.
Nexus has added two extra dates to its Tyne river cruises on the Shields Ferry due to a high demand for tickets The two extra cruise dates are a three-hour afternoon river trip on Sunday, August 24 and a fish and chip trip on Friday, August 29.
The Tyne River Swim is back for the third year and the swimmers will be taking on 16 kilometres of the river.
The 10-mile First Tyne River Swim is expected to take the team around four hours to complete.
The scheme is being delivered by South Tyneside Council and its partners at the Environment Agency and Tyne Rivers Trust.
A stretch of waterway is now open to fish migration thanks to the efforts of the Tyne Rivers Trust and Haltwhistle & District Angling Association.
The latest, built a year ago at Lintzford in a partnership project between the Environment Agency, Tyne Rivers Trust and Esh Group, was immediately successful, with adult fish seen using it within hours of its completion.