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1. Highly or excessively sensitive.
2. Responding excessively to the stimulus of a foreign agent, such as an allergen.

hy′per·sen′si·tive·ness, hy′per·sen′si·tiv′i·ty n.
hy′per·sen′si·tize′ (-tīz′) v.
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extreme or abnormal sensitivity, as to criticism. — hypersensitive, adj.
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extreme or abnormal sensitivity, as to criticism. — hypersensitive, adj.
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Noun1.hypersensitivity - pathological sensitivity
predisposition, sensitivity - susceptibility to a pathogen
cryaesthesia, cryesthesia - hypersensitivity to cold
hypersensitivity reaction - an inappropriate and excessive reaction to an allergen (as pollen or dust or animal hair or certain foods); severity ranges from mild allergy to severe systemic reactions leading to anaphylactic shock
2.hypersensitivity - extreme sensitivity
sensitivity, sensitiveness, sensibility - (physiology) responsiveness to external stimuli; the faculty of sensation; "sensitivity to pain"
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n hipersensibilidad f
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The relations between type I hypersensitivity and certain symptoms, time from exposure to their appearance, as well as time from the last episode were investigated.
HSR is thought to be a Type I hypersensitivity Ig-Emediated reaction as the patients develops HSR after multiple infusions of oxaliplatin.[10] Readministering oxaliplatin to patients with HSRs has been attempted using several methods, such as using prophylactic agents (i.e., hydrocortisone and antihistamines), extending administration time, and using desensitization procedures.
Proton pump inhibitors, meanwhile, have been known to induce type I hypersensitivity reactions, but they carry some risk of inducing life-threatening type IV hypersensitivity reactions as well [57].

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