Type foundry

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a place for the manufacture of type.

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Friedlander is best known for creating the Bauer Type Foundry typeface 'Elizabeth' and designing covers for Penguin.
This is hardly surprising from an artist who counts Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Billy Joel in her list of influences and who chose to fly halfway around the world to record at Type Foundry Studio in Portland, Oregon, North America's epicentre for cool.
Henry Barth of the Cincinnati Type Foundry designed and manufactured the cylinder press known as the Army Press beginning in 1862 for use by the armed forces during the Civil War (figs.
com)-- Embossanova was inspired by Bodoni and Lubalin Graph, an unlikely pairing says Stephen Boss, the type designer designer and owner of the digital type foundry Emboss Fonts.
Jones and Wilde recorded at Type Foundry, with Chris Funk as producer.
Other band members who got together to record at Portland's Type Foundry studio include regular Snow Patrol touring member Troy Stewart, Belle & Sebastian drummer Richard Colburn and producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee.
So scant was Gutenberg's fame during his lifetime that no portraits of him, or depictions of his type foundry, exist.
Founded in 1992, Azalea Software is a digital type foundry specializing in bar code and OCR fonts.
Saxe records seventy-three specimen books not reported in the first edition and provides a brief account of a new type foundry -- that of Abraham Riggs of New York.
Introduced in 1957, Helvetica was created at the Haas Type Foundry near Basel, Switzerland.
Benton's self-spacing system, although brought into production by his Northwestern Type Foundry and subsequently incorporated into the American Type Founders' Association line following sale of the foundry to the American Type Founders' in 1892, had some disadvantages.