Type wheel

a wheel having raised letters or characters on its periphery, and used in typewriters, printing telegraphs, etc.

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It has a roller for paper, a type wheel that turns on a vertical axis and keys with raised letters that print in capitals.
And as for the suggestion for a 200ft London Eye type wheel, well that should be scrapped before someone suggests surrounding it with a fairground.
Due to its suitability in cleaning large, heavy and awkward to handle components, the table type wheel blast machine sounds like the ideal solution.
Using a plan do control act (PDCA) type wheel (Fig.
Each stamp features a rotating type wheel engraved with numbers or letters; a mark is made by selecting the desired character and striking the top of the tool with a hammer.
The 24" circumference type wheel has a width of 3" to accommodate a variety of character styles and sizes.
In the hunting products category, there is the innovative Poll Wheel, a slide-rule type wheel calculator which indicates the peak times game will be feeding, moving and resting.
Tenders are invited for Manufacture supply and delivery of 100 nos of the two bin type wheel barrow with out bins for collection and transport of garbage from small lanes and all areas from various wards in zone-iv, V, Vi & Anakapalli in gvmc.
Standard features include a structural steel frame, high-capacity nylon wheels, brakes for rear casters, a hand winch with automatic brake, heavy-duty cam carriage bearings and a roller type wheel bearing.
Tenders are invited for Trakola Electro Mechanical Portable Lubricating Unit Model: Trakola-610 Weight: 30 Kg Power Source: 24 Vrla Batteries Lub Pump: Gear Type Wheel Size: 125 Mm Grease Capacity: 20 Kg Inbuilt Charger: 24V17/H
You don't want to have to match this type wheel to a number of different part runs and configurations.