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a.1.(Med.) Pertaining to typhoid fever and malaria; as, typhomalarial fever, a form of fever having symptoms both of malarial and typhoid fever.
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Smith DC (1982a b) the rise and fall of typhomalarial fever.
An association between malaria and typhoid fever was first described in the medical literature in the middle of the 19th century, and was named typhomalarial fever by the United States Army (1).
And again, with the different variety of fevers, the record will often depend upon the period of observation; an intermittent [fever], with well-marked stages, will, if neglected, often in a few days become an equally well-marked remittent, or typhomalarial [fever], or a little further on will prominently exhibit advanced typhoid symptoms; or perhaps a few weeks or months later [the man will] die from chronic diarrhoea or dysentery.