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or Ti·rol  (tə-rōl′, tī-, tī′rōl′)
A region of the eastern Alps in western Austria and northern Italy. Inhabited in ancient times by Celtic peoples, the Tyrol constantly passed back and forth, in whole or in part, between Austria and Italy in the 1800s. Its present division dates from the Treaty of St. Germain in 1919. The Tyrolean Alps are a popular tourist area.

Ty·rol′e·an, Tyr′o·lese′ (tĭr′ə-lēz′, -lēs′, tī′rə-) adj. & n.


(tɪˈrəʊl; ˈtɪrəʊl; German tiˈroːl) or


(Placename) a mountainous state of W Austria: passed to the Hapsburgs in 1363; S part transferred to Italy in 1919. Capital: Innsbruck. Pop: 683 317 (2003 est). Area: 12 648 sq km (4883 sq miles)


or Ti•rol

(tɪˈroʊl, taɪ-, ˈtaɪ roʊl; Ger. tiˈroʊl)

an alpine region in W Austria and N Italy: a former Austrian crown land.
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Noun1.Tyrol - a picturesque mountainous province of western Austria and northern ItalyTyrol - a picturesque mountainous province of western Austria and northern Italy
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
Austria, Oesterreich, Republic of Austria - a mountainous republic in central Europe; under the Habsburgs (1278-1918) Austria maintained control of the Holy Roman Empire and was a leader in European politics until the 19th century


[tɪˈrəʊl] Nel Tirol


[tɪˈrəʊl] nTyrol m


n the TyrolTirol nt


[tɪˈrəʊl] n the Tyrolil Tirolo
References in classic literature ?
The bride and bridegroom are going to Germany and the Tyrol, on their way to Italy.
She and her husband have been in Italy all the winter, and afterwards in the Tyrol.
They only quitted Vienna in the spring, and travelled as far as the Tyrol to meet the bride and bridegroom on their homeward journey.
Why have we come to the Tyrol, if it comes to that?
He was in a wonderful valley in the Austrian Tyrol and he had been walking alone through such beauty as might have lifted, any man's soul out of shadow.
Newman, on leaving Venice, went through the Tyrol to Vienna, and then returned westward, through Southern Germany.
The journey will amuse you and do you good, for I shall go through the Tyrol and Austria, and you will see many new places.
Italian politicians have already roundly condemned it, calling it a gesture to nationalism and saying it will threaten the delicate ethnic balance in the autonomous area of Alto Adige, also known as the South Tyrol.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for 3 years with an extension option of 2 years for the implementation of german courses for asylum seekers and other persons groups in tyrol.
Five nights' full board accommodation on board hugely popular Olympia, return flights and transfers Austrian Tyrol & Lake Garda 8 days from PS919 Flying direct from Durham Tees Valley, 28 May & 17 September 2017 A picture-postcard-perfect 'lakes and mountains' holiday.
A security fence of 370 metres (1,220 feet) is planned," a Tyrol police spokesman said, adding that the fence was part of a system aimed at channelling migrants in the deep valley that the Brenner Pass runs through.
Tour highlights u Three nights close to Garda's shores u Enjoy a full-day tour of the lake u A scenic journey brings you into the beautiful Austrian Tyrol u Four nights are spent in delightful Fugen u Explore glorious Innsbruck u Salzburg exudes charm and elegance u Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced tour manager u Seven nights' three and four-star half-board touring hotel accommodation, return flights and transfers PS50 Low deposits Book by 31st March Seven Cities of Italy 8 days from PS749 Flying direct from Birmingham, April, May, June, July, September & October 2016 Explore some of the finest historic cities.