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n.1.(Min.) A translucent mineral of a green color and pearly or vitreous luster. It is a hydrous arseniate of copper.
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CCW minerals specialist Bob Matthews said: ``Although diamonds do not occur naturally here in Wales we have a whole host of other unusual minerals from economic treasures such as Welsh gold, to world rarities like ramsbeckite and tyrolite.
A spokesman for the CCW said, 'Although diamonds do not occur naturally here in Wales there are economic treasures such as Welsh Gold and world rarities such as Ramsbeckite and Tyrolite.
Small concretions or pseudomorphs of pale blue chrysocolla after tyrolite were common at the La Atalaya prospect.
Tyrolite has been found rarely at the Cassagna mine, as small rosettes of green-blue crystals, associated with conichalcite, copper, cuprite and secondary copper minerals (Palenzona, 1991).
On the 150-foot level in as fine-grained coatings on cavity walls in quartz veins; associated with connelite, tyrolite and azurite.