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(Placename) a historical county of W Northern Ireland, occupying almost a quarter of the total area of Northern Ireland; in 1973 its administrative functions were devolved to several district councils



a former administrative county in W Northern Ireland: replaced by several new districts in 1973.
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He was undoubtedly an officer, and he was decorated after the manner of the Russians with little enamelled crosses, and he could talk, and(though this has nothing to do with his merits) he had been given up as a hopeless task, or cask, by the Black Tyrone, who individually and collectively, with hot whiskey and honey, mulled brandy, and mixed spirits of every kind, had striven in all hospitality to make him drunk.
All that they possessed, including some wondrous brandy, was placed at the absolute disposition of Dirkovitch, and he enjoyed himself hugely - even more than among the Black Tyrones.
Tyrone 1-12 Donegal 1-16 BY ORLA BANNON DONEGAL ended Tyrone's bid for a seven-in-a-row of McKenna Cups in an open, entertaining decider in the Athletic Grounds last night.
I TRAVELLED to Omagh on Saturday evening in eager anticipation of what I was going to see from Tyrone.
In their most recent disagreement, Nene called Sheree's boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams "a rat" after revealing how she first met the man who is currently serving time in prison for a white-collar crime.
is pleased to announce the appointment of Tyrone Lynch as its new CEO, effective October 1, 2016.
David Jennings picks out today's best football wagers IT'S hard to see why layers are so cagey about Derry for today's clash with Tyrone.
How does she feel about the way Kirsty has framed Tyrone for abusing her when all along Kirsty has been the violent one?
CASE FACTS: Tyrone Foster was employed by Temple University Hospital in the hospital's ED for over 13 years as a Trauma Patient Care Assistant (PCA).
IT'S payback time on Coronation Street as Sally Webster and Tyrone Dobbs lock lips.
IT'S not that long ago Tyrone were finding it impossible to get past a Down team which failed to earn promotion from division three and Kerry were surrendering an eight point lead in the heat of a Munster final.
That question resonates throughout Deconstructing Tyrone, an engrossing collaboration between two urbane, thirtysomething journalists.