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1898 - Tzu-Hsi, dowager Empress of China, seizes power and revokes reforms.
The Dowager Empress of China, Tzu-hsi (or Cixi), had started life in a minor Manchu family in 1835.
Shrewd, determined and ruthless, Tzu-hsi had no intention of relinquishing power and when her son came of age at seventeen she kept him busily occupied with women and opium.
She received her Emmy nom in 1978 for her performance as Tzu-hsi, dowager empress of China, in an episode of Steve Allen's "Meeting of Minds" series, in which characters from various points in history interact.
In addition to roles like Olan in The Good Earth and Empress Tzu-Hsi in The Empress of China, she played Queen-then-Pharoah Hatshepsut in the premiere of Suzan-Lori Parks's The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World at New York's BACA.
Stalin controlling his ministers is like the Chinese dowager empress Tzu-Hsi (Cixi) whose ministers had to present their genitals for inspection - in a glass jar.
Tzu-Hsi, Dowager Empress of China, was one of the most formidable women in modern history.
Tzu-Hsi came from the middle ranks of Manchu society.
In her fifties, Tzu-Hsi ostensibly retired to the gorgeous Summer Palace outside Peking, one of the most beautiful and luxurious places on earth.