United States House of Representatives

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Noun1.United States House of Representatives - the lower legislative house of the United States CongressUnited States House of Representatives - the lower legislative house of the United States Congress
Congress, U.S. Congress, United States Congress, US Congress - the legislature of the United States government
house - an official assembly having legislative powers; "a bicameral legislature has two houses"
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Born on June 16, 1928, in Conway, Thornton was Arkansas attorney general from 1971-1973, U.
28 and followed it with a plea to supporters to contact Congress and ask "your U.
The American people have sent a resounding and unmistakable message of change," said U.
Now he's the openly gay chief of staff for Democratic U.
Adding to his clout, Ferguson will serve as the company's U.
Members of the Department of Ohio and Chapter 11, in Warren, present a DAV Appreciation Award to U.
DeFazio, a self-described "child of the Sixties" and U.
National Committee to the International Electrotechnical Commission; and (3) the U.
Today, voters will go to the polls to decide the next president of the United States, along with U.
Most were Democratic members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus, people like U.
In May 1995, according to official WHO records, the organization's U.
Companies may write directly to the IASC or contribute their views to Financial Executives Institute's Committee on Corporate Reporting or other organizations or to their U.