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Noun1.Secretary of Energy - the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Energy; "the first Secretary of Energy was James R. Schlesinger who was appointed by Carter"
secretary - a person who is head of an administrative department of government
2.Secretary of Energy - the position of the head of the Department of Energy; "the post of Energy Secretary was created in 1977"
secretaryship - the position of secretary
United States Cabinet, US Cabinet - a board to advise the President; members are the secretaries of executive departments; the United States constitution does not provide for the cabinet
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'Artificial Intelligence has the power to literally change the world we live in by tackling some of the biggest problems facing humanity - from improving our environment, to advancing our understanding of the cosmos; from increasing cyber security to improving crop production,' said U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.
U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry signed the Department of Energy's authorization allowing Sempra Energy's Port Arthur LNG to export approximately 13.5M tonnes per annum of U.S.-produced liquefied natural gas to countries that do not have a free-trade agreement with the U.S.
"Aurora and the next generation of exascale supercomputers will apply (high-performance computing) and AI technologies to areas such as cancer research, climate modeling and veterans' health treatments," U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said in the news release.
WASHINGTON -- U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced that the Department of Energy (DOE) will award 179 grants totaling $30 million to 149 small businesses in 36 states including 3 in Washington totaling $450,000.
Trump's nod to Jackson comes after weeks of speculation that a different Texan - current U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry - would take Shulkin's place at the agency.
Moniz served as U.S. Secretary of Energy from 2013 to early 2017, and there he advanced energy technology innovation, nuclear security and strategic stability, cutting-edge capabilities for the American scientific research community and environmental stewardship.
In 2014, the U.S. secretary of energy awarded the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award to Zhou for outstanding contributions in the biological and environmental sciences.
The Houston Chronicle reports that Buzbee successfully defended U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry during a 2014 abuse-of-power trial in Austin when he was Texas' governor.
Summary: U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perrywas received by H.E.
"Through the Better Buildings Initiative, hundreds of leaders from the public and private sectors are demonstrating innovative approaches and deepening American investments in critical building infrastructure," said U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.
"From the climate agreement forged in Paris to this new accord reached in Rwanda, the international community is continuing a year of positive action to cut the heat-trapping emissions that are warming our planet," says U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

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