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Noun1.United States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United StatesUnited States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United States
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
Eurodollar - a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade
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While this article hopes to provide general guidance that will increase the probability of U.S. COIN success, it concedes the enormity of the COIN challenge upfront.
Example 1: Dan King bought a rare U.S. coin for $1,000 and sold it 11 months later for $1,300.
TABLE 3 Top U.S. Coin Grading Firms' Reputation Ratings Greysheet Rating (a) Percentage Firm November 12, 1994 November 29, 2013 Change PCGS 98 83.1 -15.2 NGC 89 82.9 -6.9 ICG n/a 65.7 ANACS 74 65.2 -11.9 PCI/DGS 84 52.1 -38.0 SEGS n/a 47.6 NCI 42 42.5 + 1.2 INS 43 34.0 -20.9 (a) Average percentage of "sheet price" paid for an unseen coin, with a range of [+ or -] 15 percent for the four better firms, and as much as [+ or -] 32 percent for the others.
The 13th updated edition of the 2015 U.S. Coin Digest offers an unusual color guide to all U.S.
From the outset, U.S. coin helped Eastman put the upstart onto a secure footing.
The Official Red Book[R], now in its 67th year, is famous nationwide as the premiere resource for U.S. coin collectors.
"There was a pick-up in U.S. coin and bar demand towards the end of the year because of the fiscal cliff," Grubb said.
He created the 12-foot Standing Lincoln in Chicago's Lincoln Park and the Sherman Monument on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, designed the $20 double-eagle gold piece--often considered the most beautiful U.S. coin ever minted-and served on the creative team that redesigned the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
His conviction was based on the premise that a minted round of nearly pure silver that is neither the same size nor denomination as any existing f U.S. coin and does not display identical imagery is nonetheless a counterfeit of U.S.
How many engineering companies can you name that have their work stamped on a U.S. coin?
They'll have the words "E Pluribus Unum," "In God We Trust," the year of issuance and the mint marking engraved on the edge, the first edge lettering on a U.S. coin since 1931.