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 (o͞o′lo͞o) or u·lo (-lō)
n. pl. u·lus or u·los
An Inuit or Yupik knife having an arched blade fixed to a central handle, used especially for skinning, chopping, and carving.

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1. (Tools) a crescent-shaped knife chiefly used by Inuit women for skinning and cleaning fish
2. (Fishing) a crescent-shaped knife chiefly used by Inuit women for skinning and cleaning fish
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For woven products, Pertamina also presented songket and ulos weaving businessman Naomi Tiu RMA Dame from UKM Tenun Tapanuli who also enlivened the Heritage Exhibition.
18), desde que nao seja exercido com profissionalismo; nao tenha fins lucrativos e seja realizado por veic ulos particulares nao utilizados para atividade economica de transporte remunerado de passageiros.
(20) mia e-n lahe ulos / *ulkon I.NOM neg-1sg go outdoors[direction] outdoors[location]
Likewise, Syamsul Arifin, the victor in North Sumatra, who is ethnically Malay, used a variety of approaches to attract Batak voters: in rallies in Tapanuli, for example, he wore an ulos, a Batak shawl.
In the tree, three basic classes of UlOs are defined: containers, presentation units, and control units.
(43.) Salla Tuomivaara, 1st part, in Salla Tuomivaara and Joni Purmonen, Ulos hakeista!
The 11-year-old Childwall Primary School pupil, who has already won the under-8s and UlOs crowns at St Andrews, was given top tips at the launch of the national competition at the luxurious Grove Country Club in Watford on Wednesday.
The herbal mint-scented products, called ''ULOS'' (hydrate), are intended to be used mostly by men to control oily skin and to add moisture and elasticity to face and body, Otsuka said.
Unlike routine daily life, participants at feasts communicate or interact with each other through formal adat speeches, exchange ceremonial gifts such as the traditional shawl (ulos), and consume consecrated meals and drink (sipanganon namarhadohoan) to the accompaniment of the gondang and the tortor.
The Phrygian a ulos is plainly the instrument referred to in two charming pieces from the Palatine Anthology, the [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ...
One of the primary causes is untimely resolution of unliquidated obligations (ULOs) due to delays in contract closeout.