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Noun1.UN agency - an agency of the United NationsUN agency - an agency of the United Nations  
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
UN, United Nations - an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security
UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund - an agency of the United Nations responsible for programs to aid education and the health of children and mothers in developing countries
FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - the United Nations agency concerned with the international organization of food and agriculture
GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade - a United Nations agency created by a multinational treaty to promote trade by the reduction of tariffs and import quotas
IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency - the United Nations agency concerned with atomic energy
IBRD, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank - a United Nations agency created to assist developing nations by loans guaranteed by member governments
ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization - the United Nations agency concerned with civil aviation
IDA, International Development Association - an agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank
IFC, International Finance Corporation - a United Nations agency that invests directly in companies and guarantees loans to private investors; affiliated with the World Bank
ILO, International Labor Organization, International Labour Organization - the United Nations agency concerned with the interests of labor
IMO, International Maritime Organization - the United Nations agency concerned with international maritime activities
IMF, International Monetary Fund - a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies
UNESCO, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization - an agency of the United Nations that promotes education and communication and the arts
DCCP, United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention - an agency of the United Nations that promotes drug control and crime prevention
Centre for International Crime Prevention, United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice - the United Nations office responsible for crime prevention and criminal justice and law reform
WHO, World Health Organization - a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services
WMO, World Meteorological Organization - the United Nations agency concerned with the international collection of meteorological data
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The UN agency ranked 156 major countries, and it put Iran down in 117th place, even below Venezuela.
It is now a universal truth endorsed by the World Health Organisation, another UN agency, that the consumption of fizzy drinks, or bottles providing aerated beverages, is harmful for human consumption.
The statement came just hours after the military had accused the UN agency of spying for Islamists.
Kuwait contributed USD 50 million to UNRWA this year in a bid to address shortage of funding following US decision to cease financing to the UN agency, Mishari Al-Muzaini, First Secretary at Kuwait's Permanent Mission to the UN, told UN General Assembly's Fourth Committee that was discussing UNRWA on Monday night.
Pakistan has enhanced its contribution to the UN agency entrusted to assist Palestinian refugees.
According to the UN agency, there are 59 children currently at the hospital, including some 25 under treatment at its intensive care unit.
30 (Petra) -- Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi and United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) Commissioner-General Pierre Krineball, Thursday warned of the failure to mobilize financial support to the UN agency, which would impact more than 5 million Palestinian refugees and the Middle East peace and stability as well.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The UN agency said on Tuesday emergency food aid for around a million Palestinians in Gaza may run out from June if the UN agency for Palestinian refugees cannot raise another $200 million following a cut-off in US funding.
By NYABOGA KIAGEShortage of funds threatens to jeopardise the World Food Programme (WFP) operations in East Africa, the UN agency has said.And, if it does not get more money by March, refugees in the region will see a drop in their compensation this year.
The most important thing to do now is to build the resilience of poor people to face the impacts of conflicts and climate change, Jose Graziano da Silva, the Director-General of FAO told the UN agency's Council meeting in Rome, Monday.
Present were 16 UN agency representatives who are in Manama to celebrate UN Day.
(TAP) -- UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Geert Cappelaere, on Tuesday, affirmed the UN agency's commitment to Tunisia to ensure a better level of education for all children in the country.