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n.1.A claw.
1.An ounce; a small portion.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As the examples above show the compiler of the text when rendering the unit of weight uses the French unit of weight and time, i.e., unce.
"I will anno unce tomorrow when the parties (will reconvene) and the new talks (will happen)," he told reporters, as he arrived for a meeting of the ISSG task force on humanitarian access.
En tercer termino, el cambio de "une" por "unce" en el verso referido al "fatalismo".
Gasman includes copies of actual advertisements that triggered many to donate large sums to the UNCE Some of these include "You Can't Cure Cancer with a Monkey Wrench" (p.
weieth nat an unce": Empty Poets and Rhetorical Weight in Lydgate's Churl and the Bird' by James Simpson, 'Civic Lydgate: The Poet and London' by C.
She's in her fourth year as president of the Washington International Horse Show (which was in the red until she stepped in), and she has given millions to charity, including UNCE the Martin Luther King Memorial in D.C.
Mr Gray said it was a ``disgraceful an no unce ment '' and was ``disgracefully handled''.
"It was the year when Bill Gates had given us the $1 billion for scholarships -- $50 million a year -- for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program," explained Ryan McDay, director of communications at UNCE "Although it was kicked off in the fall of '99, we were in the process of identifying the students for the school year of 2000."
In 1989, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) met with TRPA to discuss joint implementation of a BMP education program that targeted Tahoe Basin property owners.
TEN bands will be making Stockton unce in a two-venue Bank Holiday ent at Ku Bar and The Storytellers.