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Lowe Morna quotes one prominent clergyman as saying: "We have solved our external problems, but we still have UNITA to contend with.
Both the MPLA and UNITA became what the Cold War demanded of them.
But MPLA's arch-foe UNITA contested the results and the country returned to civil war.
In fact, during the height of the war between the government and Savimbi's UNITA (1988-2002), both sides subjected civilians in the rural population to increasing violence.
Unlike many of the studies on postcolonial Angola that have condemned UNITA for the violence that Angola experienced or that have emphasized the role of external players in Angola's postcolonial development, Assis Malaquias's study is more nuanced.
I would like to commend the government of Angola and UNITA for demonstrating true commitment to peace during the last six months.
government, which once backed UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi, turned on him; he was killed earlier this year.
Armed forces chief General Armando da Cruz Neto and UNITA chief-of-staff General Abreu Muengo Ukwachitembo 'Kamorteiro' signed the accord at the National Assembly in the oil-and-diamond-rich country.
La historia es clara y reciente: a la caida del imperio portugues en 1975, despues de la Revolucion de los Claveles, en Lisboa, un ano antes, el 13 de enero se firmo un acuerdo entre los tres movimientos de Liberacion de Angola: el Frente Nacional de Liberacion de Angola (FNLA), la Union UNITA y el Movimiento Popular para la Liberacion de Angola (MPLA), pero no tuvo continuidad y se inicio la guerra civil entre el FNLA y la UNITA apoyados por Estados Unidos y Sudafrica.
The death of Savimbi, who led UNITA since the beginning of the 1975 rebellion, makes negotiations more urgent, Eurico said.
The MPLA received backing from the Soviet Union; UNITA was supported by the United States and South Africa.
UNITA rebels in Angola have claimed responsibility for shooting down a chartered aircraft that crashed on 1 November killing all 48 people on board.