UNIX operating system

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Noun1.UNIX operating system - trademark for a powerful operating system
operating system, OS - (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services
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Datadog has begun supporting IBM's AIX UNIX operating system. The AIX operating system powers many critical on- premises business applications for some of the largest enterprises in the world.
we provide top quality hosting solutions like Business Email Hosting, UNIX operating system or Windows Reseller Hosting and name Registrations, Dedicated Server Hosting and Virtual Servers with quick property and straightforward to use management panels backed by quality client support.
The widespread bug has been noticed by users on the social networking site, with experts at Facebook believing it was caused by an "epoch time" Unix operating system bug.
Oracle Solaris 11 is a variant of the UNIX operating system. In this reference Calkins, a consultant with 28 years of UNIX system administration and training experience, takes the reader through everything needed to administer Solaris 11.
Apple is running servers from IBM and Oracle with flavors of the Unix operating system at its Maiden, North Carolina, data centre, according to a job entry posted on the company's website.
Together, the two companies would own about 65 percent of the market for server computers running the Unix operating system and 42 percent of the total server market.
Author Gough and his five co-authors, a group that includes IBM IT specialists, a system software engineer, and an IT architect, provide an in-depth overview of the security features of the latest generation of IBM's open-standards UNIX operating system. Designed for businesses, the new version of the system offers several security enhancements, including multilevel security, role-based access control, an encrypted file system, trusted execution, and AIX security expert enhancements.
This high level of performance is achieved with the Halon Operating System (H/OS), which is based on the BSD Unix Operating system, recognized as the most secure system on the market.
The UNIX operating system existed long before Windows, and variations of UNIX-compatible operating systems are available for personal computers at no charge.
The T1000 and T2000 are Sun's attempt to regain market share lost to competitor companies in the Unix computer market and use its Solaris version of the Unix operating system. Sun said the servers, which use chips with eight processing cores on one piece of silicon, are suitable for producing next-generation web services, distributed database systems and web pages.