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Noun1.UNIX system - trademark for a powerful operating system
operating system, OS - (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services
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"A UNIX system had been considered, but IBM guaranteed big discounts and continued help for system maintenance in exchange for using its core mainframe system.
He began his career in Greece, working on a variety of projects ranging from Unix system programming to managing the R&D department of a start-up software house.
In addition, said Dobransky, "We constantly look for ways to improve performance in Kourier." As part of that effort in the latest release, Kore has initiated a new way of moving data from UNIX systems to Windows systems that reduces overhead on the UNIX system.
In this reference Calkins, a consultant with 28 years of UNIX system administration and training experience, takes the reader through everything needed to administer Solaris 11.
An IT consultant who is unwilling to engage on using cloud computing in your business is no different than the Unix system reseller who never wanted to mention PC networks to his customers.
The Linux Programming Interface: a Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook packs in a 1,500 page 'Bible' of detail offering the definitive programmer's guide to the Linux and UNIX programming interface.
In this revised edition of Unix System Administration Handbook, 2001, which Tim O'Reilly acknowledges as a worthy competitor, Nemeth (retired, computer science, U.
The UNIX system meant that the company was using a legacy backup solution.
Rothman has been revised and expanded to cover further changes to the Unix system.
Hardware: PC running a Windows, Linux, or Unix system.
SCO sued IBM in March 2003 when it accused it of infringing its intellectual property and copying Unix System V code to the Linux operating system, but dropped that claim in February in favor of claims that IBM breached contract by contributing code from its AIX and Dynix Unix flavors to Linux and breached copyright by continuing to ship AIX and Dynix after SCO withdrew its Unix license.
Interfacing seamlessly with UNIX platforms, the software also sends data to the company's UNIX system and on to the label printer.