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Noun1.Secretary of Agriculture - the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Agriculture; "the first Secretary of Agriculture was Norman J. Colman, who was appointed by Cleveland"
secretary - a person who is head of an administrative department of government
2.Secretary of Agriculture - the position of the head of the Department of Agriculture; "the post of Secretary of Agriculture was established in 1889"
secretaryship - the position of secretary
United States Cabinet, US Cabinet - a board to advise the President; members are the secretaries of executive departments; the United States constitution does not provide for the cabinet
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Dan Glickman , Executive Director, Congressional Program, The Aspen Institute; Former Secretary, US Department of Agriculture Corby Kummer , Senior Editor, The Atlantic Tom Vilsack , US Secretary of Agriculture http://youtu.
From 1995-2001, Commissioner Chilton was a Schedule C political appointee of President Clinton, where he rose to deputy chief of staff to US Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman.
US Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer said Hallmark/Westland had been suspended by the FSIS, and that the federal government had suspended food and nutrition contracts with the company.