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Noun1.Secretary of Agriculture - the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Agriculture; "the first Secretary of Agriculture was Norman J. Colman, who was appointed by Cleveland"
secretary - a person who is head of an administrative department of government
2.Secretary of Agriculture - the position of the head of the Department of Agriculture; "the post of Secretary of Agriculture was established in 1889"
secretaryship - the position of secretary
United States Cabinet, US Cabinet - a board to advise the President; members are the secretaries of executive departments; the United States constitution does not provide for the cabinet
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The breakthrough to relax import restrictions comes after a 1,000-page dossier was submitted to the USDA earlier this year detailing the safety and quality of British beef and lamb ahead of trade talks with US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in Washington in April.
Referring to men like two-term congressman and US Secretary of Agriculture James C.
From 1995-2001, Commissioner Chilton was a Schedule C political appointee of President Clinton, where he rose to deputy chief of staff to US Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman.
Meanwhile, as EU lawmakers discuss draft legislation to promote only those biofuels that emit much less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, the US secretary of agriculture has told Europolitics Energy that the US was unlikely to adopt this approach.