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Noun1.US Trade Representative - the executive agency that administers the President's policies on international tradeUS Trade Representative - the executive agency that administers the President's policies on international trade
executive agency - an agency of the executive branch of government
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The White House order allows the US Trade Representative Office to compile a list of self-described developing nations that it believes should be labelled differently, possibly setting up punitive measures.
A delegation from the US Trade Representative and the US Department of State is visiting Cambodia this week to discuss bilateral trade issues, including automobile standards and the Kingdom's labour situation.
US President Donald Trump ordered, on Friday, officials to start the process of raising tariffs on Chinese goods, valued at about $300bn, according to the US trade representative.
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer released the list while calling for an end to EU subsidies that he said harmed US interests.
Vice Premier Liu He, China's lead negotiator, and US trade representative Robert Lighthizer are due to complete "their third round of face-to-face trade talks in almost as many weeks on Friday in Washington, after which Mr.
"We will resume negotiations next week," a Canadian official close to the talks said, after Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was seen leaving the US trade representative's offices in Washington.
The delegation includes Assistant US Trade Representative for South and Central Asian Affairs Mark Linscott, Assistant US Trade Representative for Trade Policy and Economics Edward Gresser and Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for South and Central Asia Zeba Reyazuddin.
A statement from the Office of The US Trade Representative said that the duties imposed by Trump are "justified under international law agreements," but the retaliatory duties on US exports are "completely without justificiation under international law.
Speaking to Kamal Hayder, Research analyst-PAGE including various journalists at a roundtable, organized by US Embassy, Michael J Delaney, Assistant US Trade Representative for South Asia stated that energy crisis are the major impediments to trade in Pakistan.
He was previously in Hanoi serving as chief legal advisor for the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council; and between 1998 and 2002, Demetrios served as associate general counsel in the office of the US Trade Representative. He also worked for five years in the Washington, D.C.
US trade representative Michael Froman said on Monday that the mantra of chalen sath sath will guide the trade and investment relations between the two countries.