The Star-Spangled Banner

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Noun1.The Star-Spangled Banner - a poem written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812 was set to music and adopted by Congress in 1931 as the national anthem of the United States
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More than 75,000 people signed an online petition urging Maroon 5 not to play the Super Bowl as a gesture of support to Kaepernick, who started kneeling protests during pre-game US anthem performances as a way to protest racial and social injustice and police brutality.
So to make it tougher, or to hurt the league, it's very calculated."Khan, who purchased the Jaguars in 2011 for $760 million, linked arms with players during the US anthem in September in the days after Trump first spoke out against NFL players kneeling in protest during the anthem, calling for them to be fired.
The issue reverberated across the Atlantic, where about two dozen players took a knee during the playing of the US anthem at an NFL game between the Ravens and Jaguars in London.
I applaud the NFL players for their protests and kneeling for the US anthem in the face of criticism from motormouth Donald Trump.
Players from two American football teams playing at Wembley defied Donald Trump by kneeling during the US anthem in protest against racism.
On the first night, the announcer gave a patter while the US anthem was played, but it could be heard in the background.
Ranadive, the daughter of the Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, would sing the US anthem, and Subramaniam would lend her voice to the Indian anthem before Modi's much anticipated speech to the Diaspora at the historic Madison Square Garden on September 28.
Melbourne, July 8 ( ANI ): Ardent fans of Miley Cyrus have filed an online petition with the White House to make her famous song 'Party in the USA,' the new US anthem.
Hatton supporters sang along with "God Save the Queen" before the bout, but booed throughout the singing of the US anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner".
And Calzaghe paid tribute to them as "the best in the world" and predicted there will not be a repeat of the disgraceful drowning out of the US anthem that marred Ricky Hatton's bout with Floyd May-weather before Christmas.
The Philharmonic began the concert with Patriotic Song, North Korea's national anthem followed by the US anthem.

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