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Noun1.UT1 - the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, EnglandUT1 - the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England; it is the same everywhere
time - the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past
coordinated universal time, UTC - Greenwich Mean Time updated with leap seconds
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In order for our civil time (UTC based on TAI) to keep "in step" with the changing earth rotational speed, UT1 leap seconds are added to the year from time to time to compensate for this slowing down.
Because UT1 defines a second as one-86,400th of one rotation of the Earth, and because the Earth's spin is slowing, UTC and GMT are slipping out of sync; albeit very slowly.
DISTINGUISHED WAKE: Robot UT1, with head of sales Mick Jones, is made by SMD, which is moving to the site where Turbinia, right, was created.
Figure 3a and b show the paths of ultrasonic observed at the UT locations with COIM using an ultrasonic pulse-echo technique, where only first core arrives at the UT1 located near the end of the mold cavity in Fig.
With Yushchenko gaining public support at home and abroad, UT1 bosses decided not to sack the TV interpreter.
As part of its science verification program, UT1 recently obtained deep visible-light images of NGC 6712, an 8th-magnitude globular some 23,000 light-years distant in the constellation Scutum.
The change in pH with depth varied across the 10 terrain locations, with UT1 and ST1 showing an increase in pH with depth, whereas FT, GT3, and ST3 exhibited a decrease in pH with depth.
2008, Prediction of UT1 UTC, LOD and AAM %3 by combination of least-squares and multivariate stochastic methods.
Before then, time was measured exclusively by the position of the Sun or stars in relation to Earth, expressed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or its successor UT1.
The probing ends of the UT1 and UT2 were flush with the cavity surface of the mobile mold as shown in Fig.
Then, the heavy mechanical [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] structure of UT1 was assembled - and was moving on its thin layer of oil, so smoothly that you could turn it with the push of a finger.