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With security threats across the region increasing in sophistication and frequency, Cloud UTM gives organisations around the clock protection with the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud.
This progress is the result of a colossal amount of work by the UTM for the benefit of all Tunisian universities as it has achieved to relate each publication of each institution to its university and the publications of research structures to the University Hospital Centres (UHC).
Its the second in a series of four increasingly complicated demonstrations of UTM technology.
Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) has joined with other FAA designated UAS test sites in supporting NASA UTM program, the organization said.
This demonstration represents the path forward for flying UAS in the NAS using Flight Service-based UTM capabilities to extend the technology and systems that air traffic controllers know and understand," said Paul Engola, Vice President, Transportation & Financial Solutions.
The report "Unified Threat Management Market by Appliance (Hardware, Software, Virtual), Services, Managed UTM, Distribution Channel (Direct, VAR's, Distributors), Organization Size (SOHO, SMB, Enterprises) - Global Market Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)", segments the global market into various sub-segments with in-depth analysis and forecasting of market size.
Scott Robertson, Vice President of the Asia Pacific region for WatchGuard Technologies, also attributes strong regional growth to the strength of the UTM value proposition, despite reports of an economic slowdown.
By integrating the flexibility of Fortinet's UTM appliances, wireless access points, wireless WAN extender and switching products, businesses can simplify their complex networks, improve management and ensure seamless policy enforcement, aggressively pursue new business opportunities, and reduce costs while enjoying all the benefits of high-performance network security.
A UTM couldn't truly be considered a UTM unless it incorporates absolutely everything in its quest to manage threats.
The test explored the impact on throughput speed with standard UTM features switched on, including not only basic firewall packet filtering, but also deep packet inspection and/or proxies, intrusion prevention and anti-virus, which is critical in catching modern malware's multi-vectored threats.
As the second entry in the Netgear ProSecure UTM S product line, the UTM25S -- like its predecessor, the UTM9S, the best-selling appliance in the ProSecure line -- delivers comprehensive Internet security as well as high-speed Internet access through a choice of WAN connections-built-in Ethernet ports, an optional VDSL modem module, or a qualified 3G USB dongle.
Starting this month, D-Link's NetDefend UTM Firewall customers will receive free licenses for Kaspersky Business Space Security as well as an option to buy additional licenses at a special D-Link programme rate, a statement from Kaspersky said.