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 (yo͞o-băng′gē, o͞o-bäng′-)
A river of central Africa flowing about 1,125 km (700 mi) along the northwest border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the Congo River.
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(Placename) a river in central Africa, flowing west and south, forming the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic and Congo-Brazzaville, into the River Congo. Length (with the Uele): 2250 km (1400 miles). French name: Oubangui
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(yuˈbæŋ gi, uˈbɑŋ-)

a river in W central Africa, forming part of the boundary between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic, flowing W and S into the Congo (Zaire) River. 700 mi. (1125 km) long.
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One of the proposals being put forward by our Federal Government was to borrow a staggering $15 billion to build a canal from the Congo right though the Ubangi Shari in Central Africa to Lake Chad.
Given Impfondo's close proximity to the Equateur Province in DRC (directly across the Ubangi River), where monkeypox cases are more frequently reported, it is possible that monkeypox was imported from DRC into Republic of Congo, either through human movements or cross-border transportation of bushmeat (20).
To achieve these objectives, WHRC signed partnership agreements with four regional actors (Bureau Diocesain du Developpement (BDD), Communaute Evangelique de l'Ubangi, Mongala de Gemena, Jardin Botanique d'Eala and Universite du CEPROMAD) to implement different components of the pilot project in the two pilots areas.
Caption: Infrared photo of the Congo and Ubangi Rivers, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), 1995.
"Delia, hand Edna Haig roe!" Gwen, bad at Ubangi signa but a dab New Georgia hand, Edna hailed.
Other 6 specimens communicated: Central African Republic, Ubangi, Karawa 1939; Democratic Republic of Congo, Uele, Lakulu 1928-32; Democratic Republic of Congo, Bambesa X-1933 (2); Democratic Republic of Congo, Kasongo; Uganda, Foret Semliki P.N.A.
Along the Ubangi River (a northern tributary of the Congo), the African Dwarf Crocodile (Osteolaemus species) was reputed to be 'kept in enclosed pools and bred for consumption'.
Some relevant genealogical units, such as Kru and, from the Volta-Congo sub-branch, Gur and Ubangi are, for instance, not included in the sample mainly due to lack of accessible resources.
The former French colony of Ubangi Shari became the Central African Republic after independence in 1960.
Over 100,000 of those have fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which borders CAR via the Ubangi River.